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DE&E Steam Oven ZA4565A


DE&E Steam Oven ZA4565A


Quantity: 10



Capacity: 45L

Model: ZA4565A


Product Size: 595 x 520 455 (W x D x H)(MM)

Rated Power: 1850W

Rated Voltage: 220-240vV / 50 / 60HZ

Function: 3+8 Function With 30 Preset Menu

Control Type: Fully Sensor Touch Control

Cavity Material: High Grade Stainlees Steel

Panel Material: Tempered Glass

Cavity Cooling System: With

Ventilation System: With

Temperature: 30-120°C (Steam)

Display: Digital LED DISPLAY

Light Type: 1 x 15W Halogen Light

Door: 3 Layer Tempered Glass

Child Lock System: With

Accessory: 2 x Pan (Perforated & Non-Perforated),1 x Grill Rack, 1 x Sponge Drier ,1 x Glove

Cut Out Size: 600 x 565 x 460 (W x D x H)(MM)

Parameter DE&E Model ZA4565 Temperature 30-100 Degree Capacity45L Function 8 Product Size 595×455×520(W×H×D)(mm) Key Advantages: Instant heating With 1600W power, DE&E steam oven will start to work immediately and will produce 100 ℃ steam in 10 seconds, which is perfect to keep nutrition of your dishes. Yes, it is also the right choice for you and your families' health. Precise temperature control DE&E steam oven is perfect for its dynamic steam balance technology, by which guarantee 1-degree precise temperature control. DE&E knows your critical needs on cooking and has developed right models with advanced technology to satisfy even the most demanding needs. 8 reset programmes Easy to cook a dish even you are a fresh man to use a steam oven, DE&E reset programmers perfectly satisfy your cooking requirement and help to be a good chef of your family.

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