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RM 3,999.00

Category: Hood

Brand: ROBAM

Quantity: 5

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PRODUCT DETAILS: Dual powerful core 4.0
- Super wind pressure and utmost suction
- Super power wind wheel: Lengthened diameter, increased impeller, unequal vertical division, make smokes exhausted quickly.
- Extra wide air volute: Increased volute size and air entering both sides make the smoke smoothly discharged.
- Ultra high speed motor:Extremely powerful horsepower with a maximum speed of 1000 rpm.

Varieties of powerful features on one smart touchscreen
- Functions on Screen 1:Timer, Lighting, Tornado, Exhaust, Off
- Cookbook on Screen 2 :Seafood, Classic, Special, Dinner, Ancient
- Tips on Screen 3:purify intelligently, clean automatically, air detection
- There are five cuisines with specific cooking steps,you can cook as you like.

Easy-clean Stainless
- Tempered glass panel, 304 Stainless steel smoke collecting chamber, stainless steel composite cyclone net, not easy to oil, resistant to corrosion
- 304 stainless steel has stronger corrosion resistance than 430 stainless steel and is not easy to leave scratch. Widely used in the aviation industry, dairy and food processing industries and electrical appliances manufacturing.

Built-in air detection device
- Check air condition indoor. When harmful gas detected or the air quality not good, the hood automatically turn on the air purification function and the air quality will be much better.

Size Parameter Reviews
Power supply: 220-240V~50Hz
Whole Machine Input Power: 224W
Noise: ≤56dB
Pressure Efficiency: ≥23%
Motor Input Power: 220W
Static pressure: 340Pa
Lighting Power: ≤4W
Airflow Rating: 1140m/h
Dimension (L*W*H): 895*504*640(mm)
Normal Odor Reduction: 98%
Net Weight: 26Kg
Grease Separation Degree: ≥92%

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