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Fotile EMS9021R Recirculation Chimney Cooker Hood


Fotile EMS9021R Recirculation Chimney Cooker Hood


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Power Supply: 220V-240V/50-60hZ

PRODUCT DETAILS: EMS9021R Specifications: Wing Like Surround Suction Plate Technology Wing-liked surround suction plate act as a barrier between wok and filter, ensure no oil dripping compare to normal aluminum grease filter. Its Effective capture of Airborne Grease. Effective Alluminium & Carbon Filter High Efficiency Filter technology is a must in any recirculation hood to maintain a clean and fresh kitchen, otherwise greasy fumes will linger no matter how great the hood's suction power is. Normal recirculation hoods are unable to totally filter ariborne grease, as they tend to drift back to the kicthen via the hood's outlet. Humanized Design Filter Replacement Notification. When the hood has operated up to 150 hours, a cleaning signal will be displayed, alert user to change the carbon filter. Stylish Modern Outlook Stylish Modern Outlook to suit your modern Kitchen. No. of Speeds Fan Control : 2 Illumination Power in LED (W) : 2W x 1 Type of hood : Recycle hood Oil Filtration Rate : 97% Odor Reduction Rate : NIL Automatic Turbo System : NO Smart Smoke and Sound Detection : NIL Intelligent Air Management : NO Anion Sterilisation : NO 3D Ionized Air Curtain : NIL Gas & Heat Sensor : NIL Delay Off Function : YES Control Mode : Illuminated touch control Type of Filter : Allumnium & Carbon Filter Special Features : NIL

Material of hood: 90cm wide stainless steel surface with black

Motor Power (W): 210W

Noise Level (dB): 54

Dimension W x D x H (mm): 895 x 525 x (850-945)

Airflow (m3/hr): 1080m3/hr

Max Static Pressure (Pa): 365

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