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Quantity: 10



Dimensions: 2400 x 1200 x 2200mm

Product Details

  • 2 person
  • Imported wood from Western Forest Canada
  • Hikurangi Infrared
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Audio Player with USB
  • Ozone
  • Chromotherapy Light
  • 1person
  • Steam Generator
  • Back Massage Water Jet


The HIKURANGI infrared lamp containing the heater element has a special parabolic mirror developed over long periods of experimentation. The mirror reflects infrawaves to the cabin enclosure with maximum efficiency, in this way ensuring perfect treatment and the controllability of the intensity of infrared rays. This means that the strain on your body can effectively be controlled through the position of the body and that of the heating element. HIKURANGI infrared were specifically developed for infrared saunas; therefore, making the whole range of infrared wavelengths achievable for the best use of our cabins. This unique technology has been the most efficient among those available on the market nowadays. It ensures the deepest penetration in the tissues (5-6mm), with the help of short wave infrared rays.

The infrared wavelength range
HIKURANGI infrared radiation is optimal within the total range of infrared wavelength types (Type A, B and C IR radiation) - which is the most suitable for the human skin. Thus, in addition to the desired depth of penetration, it ensures optimal temperature sensation and the non-concentrated warming of the body, making the treatment more comfortable and effective. Heat supplied by HIKURANGI infrared is similar to the sun's natural radiation. With the help of radiation of the total IR wavelength range and the consistent warming of the subcutaneous tissues, you can achieve effective detoxification.

Type A - Infrared short-wave radiation (near infrared): The HIKURANGI infrared radiation corresponds to the sun’s IVA radiation. This ensures the efficient and pleasant warming of the top layer of your skin (also called subcutaneous tissues) which is 5 mm deep. This results in a much higher temperature sensation of the body than the actual temperature of the enclosure. The human skin's natural ability to absorb radiation was one of the most important scientific factors taken into consideration during the design of the heating element.

Type B - Infrared medium-wave radiation (medium infrared): HIKURANGI infrared provides five times more IVB radiation than the sun. The IVB radiation ensures penetration into the depth of 3-4 mm in the skin, being responsible for the consistent warming of the subcutaneous tissues.

Type C - Infrared long-wave radiation (Far-Infrared): in nature, rays like these do not reach the surface of the Earth. The IVC waves only heat up the skin’s surface, without penetrating into the skin’s lower tissues. Since IVC waves’ penetration ability is lower than that of IVA waves.

  • No waste time for pre-heating the sauna
  • The infrared wavelength range-it have the combination of the all infrared
  • A Life Cycle of 5000 Working Hours-approximately 30years
  • Operating Temperatures-between 85°F and 150°F
  • Energy Consumption