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One Touch Auto Cleaning  Sensor Touch Panel  Product Height (mm)  Product Length (mm)  2 Triple ring burners  Product Dimension (mm)  Exhaust capacity  Sound power level  GRILL (W)  POWER (W) FOR TOASTER  POWER (W) FOR KETTLE  Power Supply Cable Length  Product Depth (mm)  Product Width (mm)  Switch Type  Degree of Protection  Water Temperature Control  Protection Against Electric Shock  Operating Condition  Water Connection  Forward / Reverse  Dimmer  Light Control  Remote Control Timer Off  Remote Control Timer On  Natural Wind  Speed Available  Light Bulb  Light Kit  Wattage  Motor RPM  Motor Type  Housing Material  Fan Height  Fan Width  Dimension (mm)  Delay Start Time  Frequency (Hz)  Voltage (V)  Current (A)  Total power for connections (W)  Blades  Gross Weight (kg)  Net Weight (kg)  Temperature Control  Inlet/Outlet Water Connector  Min. Water Flow Rate  Min. Water Pressure  Recognition  Timer Control  Flame Failure Safety Device  Preset Gas Type  Burner Cap  Burner Flame Layer  Power Burners (Heating Load kW)  Cut-Out Dimension  Glass Size  Plug Used  Button Design  Heat Adjustment Level  Left & Right Zone  Fan Watts  Reversal  Lepp Mode  Remote Control  RECOMMENDED INSTALLATION HEIGHT FROM GAS & ELECTRIC HOB  PRODUCT DIMENSION  Hose Dimension  Auto Cut Off  OUTPUT RIGHT  OUTPUT LEFT  GLASS PANEL  Dimension (L x W x H)  Warranty Type  Speed control  Safety  Gross Capacity  Door Glass  Net Width x Depth x Height (mm)  Suction Power  Special Features  Gas & Heat Sensor  3D Ionized Air Curtain  Anion Sterilisation  Intelligent Air Management  Smart Smoke and Sound Detection  IEC airflow (m3/hr)  Energy Class  Damping Hinge  Side Racks  Microwave Frequency (MHz)  Microwave Output Power (W)  Rated Input Power (W)  Express Cooking Menu  Heating Elements  Built-in Sizes W x D (mm)  Dimension W x D (mm)  Safety Ignition Pin  Flame Failure Device (FFD)  Fast Ignition  Heat Efficiency ≥ 60%  Heating Load (kW)  Surface Material  No of Burners  Technology of Hob  Dimension W x H x D (mm)  Heating Types  Products Sizes W x H x D (mm)  Safety Lock  Capacity (L)  Certification  Power (W)  Rated Voltage (V)  No. of heating pipe  No. of Door Glasses  Water Tank Capacity (L)  Dynamic Steam Balance System  Temperature Range (°C)  AIR PRESSURE  Door Material  Handle Material  Accessories  Measurement  TIMER  Gas Type  Efficiency  Flame Failure Devices  Ignition  Pan Support  Burner  Drip Pan  Burner Ring  Panel  Cut Out Size  Accessory  Child Lock System  Door  Light Type  Display  Temperature  Ventilation System  Cavity Cooling System  Panel Material  Cavity Material  Control Type  Function  LED Light Power  Odor Decrease Rate  Grease Separation Rate  Type Of Control  Type Of Motor  Rotation Per Minute  Air Flow (m/h)  FINISHING  Max Static Pressure (Pa)  Airflow (m3/hr)  Dimension W x D x H (mm)  Type of Filter  Delay Off Function  Automatic Turbo System  Odor Reduction Rate  Oil Filtration Rate  Type of hood  Illumination Power in LED (W)  No. of Speeds Fan Control  Noise Level (dB)  Motor Power (W)  Unrestrained airflow (m3/hr)  Material of hood  Option  Program  Filter  Product Dimensions(mm)  Rated Voltage  Rated Power  Product Size  Heater Dimension  Maximum Inlet Pressure  Minimum Pressure  Minimum Flow Rate  Noise Level  Pump Rating  PUMP TYPE  Power Consumption (W)  BLADE MATERIAL  BLADE  BRAND  Warrantry  Motor  PRODUCT DETAILS  Control Panel  Nett Weight  Diameter  Control Mode  Power Supply  Net Weight  Flushing System  Voltage  Power Rating  Speed  Input voltage  Heater Power Rating  Heater Dimensions  Model  Tank Capacity  Capacity  Power  Weight  Dimensions  Material  Colour  Size